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Montgomery Family Medicine is a vibrant, family-oriented practice that strives to provide a complete approach to preventive and urgent care needs.  Our primary purpose is to treat disease, injury and disability while preventing or minimizing further ailments or disabilities; and to ensure the continued good health and maximum potential of our patients.

Current Patients

If you are currently a patient but have not yet opened a new Patient Portal account, doing so is simple!  All your current information is available... all you need to do is verify.  We have been sending out invitations, but you don't need to wait, simply click on the link below to begin the process.      
                              Current Patient First-Time Portal Login

Five minutes later you'll be ready to get e-mailed appointment reminders, receive results & recommendations online; get statements & pay bills; and keep up with your medical & prescription history.

New Patients

Anyone interested in becoming a new patient at Montgomery Family Medicine must first call and speak with our staff.  Once approved, we will ask new patient applicants to sign in here.  The Patient Portal is how you can provide needed demographic information and medical history.  Your Patient Portal account will be the doorway to improved communication and better access to your health care information. 

After you have spoken to our staff, click the link below to begin signing up.   It is not too hard - just the basics like address, birth date, insurance; and some agreements.  Get your insurance card out and think about whom we can discuss your health care with and you'll be ready to start.  
                               Approved New Patient Registration  
                              (For patients who have not yet been seen)                        


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